Are there any prerequisites for enrollment?

All participants must be licensed mental health professionals or significantly through an accredited program that leads to licensure. Our curriculum is designed based on the assumption that all participants have had formal training on the therapeutic process. In some cases a special exception can be made, please feel free to email us at info@beckleyacademy.com to discuss your background and candidacy.

What technology do I need to participate?

Much of our curriculum is delivered online in live-sessions that require participants to have a computer, video camera, and internet connectivity sufficient to run typical video conferencing software (i.e.; zoom)

Enrollment & Tuition

How do I apply?

To ensure the best possible academic experience, we require that all prospective participants complete a short application followed by a 20-30 minute phone interview with a member of our admissions committee.

How do I register for the program and apply?

Once admitted, Beckley Academy will send you a link to pay and complete the registration process.

Is financial assistance available?

We offer flexible tuition. Please contact info@berkeleyacademy.com to inquire about the process.

May I pay in installments?

We can help you set up a payment plan. Please contact info@berkeleyacademy.com to learn more.

Are there any additional fees?

For the Foundations of Psychedelic Therapy program, participants are required to read two texts: Therapy with Substance by Dr. Friederike Meckel Fischerand and The Ethics of Caring by Kylea Taylor. If participants are unable to borrow these books, they can be purchased through many online retailers for ~$60 in total. Also, for the online 3-day immersion, participants will need to purchase up to $50 of materials from a retailer of their choice. Details will be provided.

What is the cancellation policy?

Beckley Academy wants each participant to be comfortable that this program is right for them. At any time during the initial two-week orientation module, participants may send a written request to withdraw from the program and will receive a full refund.

Do you have an enrollment agreement?

Yes, our enrollment agreement can be found here.


Does this course certify me to provide PAT?

No, currently there is no official credentialing body certifying professionals to provide PAT. We are in contact with the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association (APPA) as they work with stakeholders across the field to develop standards of care and certifications. Please visit https://www.thepsychedelicassociation.org/ to learn more and sign up for updates.

Participants who complete Beckley Academy courses will receive a certificate of completion.

Will I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or academic credit towards a degree?

We do not currently offer CEUs for our program.

What do I need to prepare in advance for the program?

We ask participants to purchase/borrow the required texts: Therapy with Substance by Dr. Friederike Meckel Fischerand and The Ethics of Caring by Kylea Taylor and bring a journal.

What is the course format?

The Foundations course is comprised of six modules. It combines self-paced learning and interactive live instruction. In addition to these six modules, learners attend three, four-hour live sessions for an online immersion that includes industry leading guest speakers.

What is the time commitment required for online coursework?

For the Foundations course, most weeks participants should expect to spend a total of 3-5 hours per week on coursework and live online sessions. The week of the online immersion, participants will spend 4-6 hours per day over the course of three days.

Do I need to attend every live meeting?

We ask that you commit to attending each meeting. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please reach out to student services and your course facilitator.

Are Communitas Pod meetings optional?

No. We ask that you commit to attending each communitas pod meeting. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please reach out to student services and your course facilitator.

If I miss a live meeting, can I still receive my certificate of completion?

We ask participants to attend all the live meetings, however, we understand that life happens. Participants may miss the equivalent of one live full group session (3 hours) and one pod session (1.5 hours).

What assignments am I required to complete?

Each module includes required assignments: readings, discussion prompts, visualizations, and journal activities. We expect participants to attend group meetings, communitas pod meetings, and complete a capstone project.