Danielle M. Herrera, LMFT

Danielle is an Ohlone Land (Oakland) based Psychotherapist providing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (KAT), psychedelic integration, and harm reduction psychotherapy. Her background working with The Harm Reduction Therapy Center and Homeless Children’s Network informs her warm and emotion-focused decolonized framework, with attunement to systemic oppressions and violences that impact the individual within a complicated ecosystem. Danielle enjoys working with folks experiencing spiritual emergence, Queer BI&POC, people who use drugs, and others outside of the mainstream.

Danielle received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from USF and her BA in Psychology from UCLA, albeit the breadth of her experience is grounded in her lived identities and in her practices of a multiplicity of counseling and therapeutic roles for the past decade. Danielle’s current clinical roles also include service provided with Jennifer Fernandez & Associates, where she offers Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, exploring with clients their relationships to drugs and other compulsive behaviors.